Community Residential Rehabilitation Services

Cornerstone Recovery And Supports Rehabilitation Services


This program furnishes financial and hands-on assistance to adults with serious mental illness (and possibly co-occurring disorders) in securing safe, affordable and permanent supported housing in areas providing easy access to a multitude of community services. 

​Our supported housing program is a pilot program designed for people who are ready for independent living, but who do not want to live alone at that time.  Each implementation of this program involves three people who choose to live together and are prepared to work as a unit, with some assistance from support personnel, to maintain and manage their home.


Permanent Supported Housing Case Management

Housing Specialist

Permanent Supported Housing

​​Cornerstone Recovery and Supports is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower people who experience mental illness and co-occurring disorders to access the resources necessary to improve his/her quality of life while maintaining a safe living environment.

Community Residential Rehabilitation Services are designed to offer assistance to adults with chronic psychiatric disabilities.  Our services are a gateway for people to develop and hone the skills that will allow them to live independently in their community of choice.

Supported housing case management is available to community residents who would benefit from extra support in order to maintain their present housing.